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Issue 1

Spring/Summer 2020

 Our first issue will be full of babes, bikes, and stories of two-wheeled adventure. We’ll also be exploring a theme of gendered censorship & being a woman in male dominated worlds.

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Of course there will be badass bikes, 2-wheeled adventures, and ride or die babes, plus a special focus on gendered censorship issues. Art, feminism, horse power.

Yep, all the things.

Stories from your Ride or Dies

We wanted to read more stories from bikers like us, women, non-binary, and gender non-conforming humans. These aren’t the stories you usually get in biker mags, but the ones we need to hear the most.

From biker campouts with friends to riding topless in the countryside, the babes in this issue will inspire you to get out in the sunshine and ride like the wind. 

Whether you’re new to riding, or been on two wheels for years, there’s stories for you in Issue 1 of Rag.


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